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UCU strategy and finance committee (SFC)

Members of UCU's strategy and finance committee 2008-09.

Chair: Sasha Callaghan, president
Vice-chair: Alastair Hunter, president-elect

Other officers:
Alan Whitaker, vice-president    
Alan Carr, honorary treasurer

Committee chairs:
Angie McConnell, chair of Equality Committee
Tom Hickey, chair of Recruitment, Organising and Campaigning Committee
Maire Daley, chair of Education Committee   

Five members elected by and from the NEC:
Caroline Gray
Neil Williamson
Angela Roger
Maeve Landman
Jim Guild

Trustees (may attend and may speak but not vote on items of business concerning the finances or property of the union):
Fawzi Ibrahim
Neil Macfarlane
Paul Russell
Dennis Wright

Meeting dates 2008-09

Friday 27 June 2008
Friday 10 October 2008
Friday 14 November 2008
Friday 12 December 2008
Friday 16 January 2009 (if required)
Thursday 26 and Friday 27 February 2009
Friday 24 April 2009

Date of Event: 
Friday, April 24, 2009 (All day)