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Here are the details for the coming AGM, this Wednesday at 1pm in G11. We will be electing officers to the committee and are open to new people getting involved. However, it is not essential to be on the committee to contribute - we have caseworkers who assist the Branch without being on the committee, and UCU provides excellent training for this. Do speak to one of us if you would
like more information.

However, the most important thing is to let us know what you think about working conditions and how we as a Branch can approach problems together.

7.00 Pickets and 10.00 Meeting in the Student Union Hall: Thursday, March 15th

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After the picket line tomorrow, we will be holding a meeting in the Student Union Hall at 10.00. It is an open meeting with students and staff where we can discuss the latest developments regarding the strike, including:

1) Why the ACAS proposal was rejected

2) What we think about the campaign and how it is being run

3) How we can continue to keep the support of students

4) The wider issues that the university sector is facing, such as the notion that teaching quality can be measured by the salary connected to a future job.

Aston UCU Branch AGM

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Aston UCU Branch AGM Wed 24th Jan


1 Apologies for Absence

2 Branch Secretary’s Report

3 Accounts 2016/17

4. Election of Officers and Committee 2018/19

5.Pensions Dispute Industrial Action

Pitfalls of the PDR: MB518

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In the next few weeks, staff are likely to be asked to attend PDR meetings with their managers. Whilst this scheme is supposed to be about the development of staff, every year Aston UCU has to support staff who feel that they have been disregarded, discriminated against or bullied through this process. Aston UCU have told the University that we believe that the scheme is currently not fit for purpose and, despite repeated promises, management have yet to review it.

Aston UCU Branch AGM, Room G8

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Please make every effort to attend


1. Welcome by the Branch President, Pam Lowe
2. Apologies for Absence
3. Matters Arising from Branch Secretary’s report (attached)
4. 2014/15 accounts-(will be distributed at the meeting)
5. Election of Officers and Committee for 2016.
6. Any other Business.

Redundancy and redeployment meeting in NG09

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Management have informed the unions that they are serving notice on the current redundancy and redeployment agreement, which means it will no longer apply in one year. They are going to open negotiations with the unions in the meantime but we are extremely concerned that they have unilaterally set the clock ticking without an alternative agreement in place.

UCU and Unison rally in support of the Open University

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The UCU and Unison are campaigning against the closure of Open University regional centres. They say "Almost 500 jobs could disappear from seven Open University centres in England under controversial plans described as ‘catastrophic’ by the unions which represent staff at the institution.

Thousands of current and potential students could be affected by the move, which would see the removal of vital services, such as careers counselling, study advice and support for disabled students.