Managerialism and academics' role in it

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"The managerialist logic that has permeated universities has had a clear impact on academic work. To Senia Kalfa, Adrian Wilkinson and Paul J. Gollan, academia has become like a game, with academics competing with each other for just a handful of permanent positions and focused completely on accumulating the capital (publications, grant income, etc.) needed to secure one. Rather than resisting the demands placed upon them, academics have primarily complied and in doing so become complicit in their own exploitation.

IMPORTANT: branch meeting, TODAY, L120 (Library), 12.30pm, to 1.30pm

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You will have seen a proposal from the UUK that is a massive retraction from its original position before the strikes began. In essence, the UUK has accepted that the pensions evaluation should start again with equal input from the union and the employers. In the meantime, the status quo exists until at least next April. You can find the full UUK statement here. It represents a huge achievement coming directly out of the industrial action and shows what the UCU can do when its members work together.


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We have just completed 14 days of strikes in one of the largest and best supported campaigns the UCU has ever waged. We would like to say a massive thank you to all the members who have supported us by staying away from work and especially to those who were able to come to the picket lines. Some people were there every time, all the time, and they are the true heroes who put the spine into our action. You know who you are ... and so do we: THANK YOU!

7.00 Pickets and 10.00 Meeting in the Student Union Hall: Thursday, March 15th

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After the picket line tomorrow, we will be holding a meeting in the Student Union Hall at 10.00. It is an open meeting with students and staff where we can discuss the latest developments regarding the strike, including:

1) Why the ACAS proposal was rejected

2) What we think about the campaign and how it is being run

3) How we can continue to keep the support of students

4) The wider issues that the university sector is facing, such as the notion that teaching quality can be measured by the salary connected to a future job.