Aston UCU Branch Annual General Meeting

Submitted by admin on Thu, 01/16/2014 - 19:40

The Annual General Meeting of the Aston UCU Branch will be at 1.00 in Room MB161. All branch positions will be up for election and we will be looking for people to join the committee.

This is going to be a vital year as we fight for a fair wage and try to improve working conditions for all members. If you care about your university, higher education, and your contributions as an employee, then it is important you support your union, which is trying very hard to have a positive influence on them all. Come along to this most important meeting and vote for those people who will be representing you or, even better, put yourself up for a position on the committee.


1. Apologies for Absence

2. Matters Arising from Branch Secretary’s report (previously circulated)

3. Election of Officers and Committee:

   a) Branch President/Chair: John Fletcher has been nominated for re-election

   b) Branch Secretary: Mike Kirkman has been nominated for re-election

   c) Membership Secretary: Chris Buckingham has been nominated for re-election

   d) Branch Treasurer -

   e) Equality and Diversity Officer -

   f) Health and Safety Officer- Michele Robins has been nominated for re-election

   g) The following Departmental and Schools representatives have been nominated for re-election; Pam Lowe (LSS), Cristina Romani (LHS), and Caroline Long (LIS).

4.    National Pay Dispute – Proposed Industrial Action.

5.    Any other business.

There are vacancies for more departmental and schools representatives, who play a vital role in the communication and execution of union business. We also need two more people for named officer positions (Treasurer and Equality and Diversity Officer), and people are very welcome to stand for the other positions with nominees aleady, so that we can vote on alternatives.