Upcoming pay ballot and frequently asked questions

Submitted by admin on Wed, 04/23/2014 - 18:29

The national UCU officers have been fielding questions about the ballot. We thought it might be helpful to share the answers with you. Please do use your vote because it is vital the union is clear about its mandate. The marking boycott has been postponed from 28 April until 6 May when it will be reimplemented if the vote is to reject the current pay offer. You will be expected to follow the democratic decision of the membership so make sure you have your say in that.


1. I have to give my personal details when I vote. Is the ballot really secret?

Yes. Personal details are used only to verify your vote and help eliminate duplicate voting. Before the count is undertaken, your personal details are separated from your vote and will be destroyed.

2. I have been able to vote more than once. Why is this?

The ballot form remains open after you have voted once for reasons related to how we de-duplicate the ballot. However, only the first vote each member casts will be counted in the final ballot.

3. How will the ballot be de-duplicated?

The union will use all the personal details including ballot codes, membership numbers, branch details, email addresses and combinations thereof to de-duplicate the ballot before it is counted to ensure that each participating member only has one vote.

4. When does the ballot close?

The ballot closes at 10am on Thursday, 1st May. Further reminders will be sent out between now and then.