Beyond the Neoliberal University: Critical Pedagogy and Activism

Submitted by admin on Mon, 07/13/2015 - 09:32
COVENTRY UNIVERSITY - FRIDAY 18th SEPTEMBER 2015 This event seeks to address these concerns by bringing together activists, academics and trade unionists who are engaged practically with the consequences of the way our universities are being changed. This event is free to attend but you must register. If you are in full time employment and feel you are able to make a contribution, then a donation of £20 can be used to fund travel expenses of those who need financial support in order to attend. Register at: Around the world there have been a whole series of occupations and protests led by students, as well as actions involving lecturers and teachers, which reflect widespread disillusion with the way universities have come to act primarily as money making institutions. This event will begin with speakers who will set out the social and economic context for the marketisation of Higher Education, followed by participatory workshops on issues of activism, pedagogy and research. The event begins at 9.30 and concludes at 4.00. Light refreshments will be provided. Further details will be provided on registration. For any further enquiries please email: Coventry UCU Facebook page: Facebook Event Page: Twitter: