Redundancy and redeployment meeting in NG09

Submitted by admin on Mon, 11/30/2015 - 12:24
Management have informed the unions that they are serving notice on the current redundancy and redeployment agreement, which means it will no longer apply in one year. They are going to open negotiations with the unions in the meantime but we are extremely concerned that they have unilaterally set the clock ticking without an alternative agreement in place. This is not a good sign and we are asking people to attend the meeting on Thursday so that we can hear your views and show management what they will be up against if negotiations do not progress in good faith. This is potentially extremely important to all members. An example we had quoted a year or so ago showed that a staff member who is 57 years old with 16 years service would currently get an enhanced redundancy payment of £37,225 compared to statutory redundancy of only £6,960. So please make a very big effort to attend because we need your visible support in order to exert maximum influence on management.