Strike: Aston arrangements for Wednesday and Thursday

Submitted by admin on Tue, 05/24/2016 - 13:47

Tomorrow and Thursday, you will be joining UCU members across the nation and going on strike. At Aston, we will be demonstrating outside the Main Building entrance from 8am until 12am tomorrow and 8am until 11am on Thursday. Although people on strike are not allowed to enter the university premises, the Students Union has very generously allowed us to use their facilities for refreshments and access to toilets. On Thursday, there is a strike rally as follows: IRISH CENTRE, DIGBETH BIRMINGHAM 1200-1400 HRS (the Centre is open for arrival from 11.30 onwards) Why not make an even bigger statement and add the following "out of office" email message to those people not in the UCU: "Please note I am on strike today as part of the UCU industrial action in support of fair pay in higher education. You can find out more about the dispute here:" Maybe this will encourage them to join the battle next time. See you tomorrow OUTSIDE Aston, Aston UCU Branch Committee