USS pensions strike starts on February 22nd

Submitted by ucu-website on Tue, 02/13/2018 - 09:24

See the UCU FAQ for information for information and advice from Head Office, which also provided the following summary:

  • Don’t tell your employer in advance that you will be taking part in the action,

  • Don’t do any work for your employer on strike days,

  • Don’t reschedule any lectures or classes that are cancelled due to strikes, and if others reschedule them don’t attend,

  • Don’t cover absent colleagues and don’t do any voluntary work.

Strike days established so far, unless told otherwise:

Thursday 22 February
Friday 23 February

Monday 26 February
Tuesday 27 February
Wednesday 28 February

Monday 5 March
Tuesday 6 March
Wednesday 7 March
Thursday 8 March

Monday 12 March
Tuesday 13 March
Wednesday 14 March
Thursday 15 March
Friday 16 March