Aston UCU Strike Day 1

Submitted by ucu-website on Thu, 02/22/2018 - 18:16

Strike Day 1 was supported by the vast majority of UCU members and we had picket lines around all the strategic entrances. Thank you!

Even better, the strike is having an impact and there are signs that the UUK may resume negotiations. So it is even more important to keep up the pressure and ensure we protect the pension rights of all our staff. See for the latest news.

If, for any reason, you were one of the few who decided not to support our strike, PLEASE THINK AGAIN: going to work undermines the actions of everyone else and is not a fair response to the democratic wishes of our branch.

Remember, too, that we will NOT be rescheduling any work because of the strikes and this includes work relating to student submission dates. If deadlines have been changed, our members will only carry out work in accordance with the original schedule.

Thank you again and join us on Monday when we will have another picket line from 7 until 11. In the meantime, use tomorrow's strike day to treat yourself and do something entirely different from work.