The tide is turning

Submitted by ucu-website on Wed, 03/07/2018 - 20:13

Today, Oxford University bowed to the pressure of academics and reversed its decision to support the UUK's position on the USS pensions restructuring. According to the BBC, half the universities have now said the whole issue needs to be reconsidered.

What has our VC and executive said? Nothing more than misleading statements about the union: "less than 10 per cent of Aston staff voted for industrial action," when many of the staff are not even eligible to vote. Or bland statements that "at Aston our view is that we cannot afford or justify a higher rate of employer funding", rather than considering how money can be more creatively used or whether the USS analysis that triggered the trouble might actually need revisiting.

Come on Aston "leaders": get some courage and support your staff! We are preparing an open letter to the VC that we hope you will be willing to sign. More shortly .....

Oh, and if you thought the email from our Branch Chairman this week was because he has broken the strike, it was sent out in his name by someone else. It should have gone on Friday but, hey, lets not start any conspiracy theories......yet.