Strikes continue all next week

Submitted by ucu-website on Fri, 03/09/2018 - 19:58

Our industrial action has reached a critical point. Negotiations are continuing with ACAS and many university employers are switching from supporting the UUK to acknowledging the legitimacy of the UCU case. Next week, we are ON STRIKE ALL WEEK and it is essential we make it count. Please support us by doing the following:

1) Sign our open letter to the VC and Deputy VC of Aston

2) Join our picket line on Tuesday morning and Thursday morning from 7.00 to 11.00.

3) STAY AWAY FROM WORK so that you do not undermine the sacrifices of your striking colleagues. We are in this together and the branch voted for this industrial action so it is your moral, ethical, and political duty to support it.

4) Contribute to the strike fund if you have not managed to go on strike yet. Details can be found here

5) If the strike is causing you financial hardship, then please do complete the application for support from our local strike fund as well as from the national one. More details can be found at but note that we need you to apply to the Aston fund within two weeks of receiving your pay. That will help us target those most in immediate need.

6) Remember to let management know that you have been on strike, as requested in the HR emails.

7) Let your colleagues know that they can join the union at any time and that they are covered to join the industrial action as soon as they submit their online application. It is not too late and it will really help increase the pressure on Aston management if our membership continues to increase.

That's it for now. Stay strong, join the UCU striking throng, and see you on our Tuesday and Thursday morning picket lines.