UCU says changes to university funding will cause confusion and instability

UCU today hit out at government plans to change the way university courses are funded.

Responding to news that the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) is to press ahead with controversial plans to no longer fund people seeking to do a higher education qualification at an equivalent level to a one they already have, UCU warned the move would create confusion and instability.

Government must scrap degree funding changes following parliamentary report, says UCU

UCU said today that controversial government plans to axe degree funding for a huge swathe of higher education students must now be scrapped.

The call comes after an influential parliamentary committee concluded that 'the decision to cut funding was insufficiently justified either by persuasive analysis of its likely effectiveness in achieving the desired goals or evidence of the likely wider impact of the policy.'

Government arrogant and contradictory on ELQs, says UCU

The government's response to a highly critical parliamentary committee report on cuts in funding for second-time higher education students was arrogant and contradictory, UCU general secretary Sally Hunt said today.

Commenting on the government's response to the report of the Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills Committee on withdrawal of funding for equivalent or lower level qualifications (ELQs), UCU condemned the refusal of the government to back down.

Use budget to reverse degree cuts, says UCU

UCU argues world has changed dramatically since 'calamitous' decision to axe access to second chance courses.

UCU said today that tomorrow's budget is the opportunity the government needs to reverse a 'calamitous' funding cut to university degrees. The union says that the original decision, taken before the country plunged into recession, to remove funding for people looking to study a second university degree looked even more ridiculous when people desperately need to retrain or reskill.

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