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Seminar: On University Governance and Democracy

Thomas Docherty

Friday 22nd Nov. at 1pm. Mathematics Department (room MB375)


The national UCU committee says thank you

A massive thanks to all branch officers for coordinating a fantastic day yesterday. The strike was a massive success with some institutions cancelling all teaching, lots of libraries and other functions closed and many, many other institutions were very quiet indeed. The strike got a lot of national news coverage, with pieces in the Times, the Guardian, the Independent and on the BBC website:

UCU Higher Education Committee Report: 11/10/2013

The UCU Higher Education Committee report (see the attachment below this text) shows the hard work the union is doing to protect and improve all aspects of our working lives. Amongst other things, it has information on pay, pensions, zero hours, and the REF, all of which are highly relevant and important issues.  

Pay dispute: day of action on Thursday, October 31st

Aston UCU committee is asking people to support the day of action on Thursday, October 31st. See the UCU national office leaflet at the bottom of this article for more information about the pay situation and why the UCU called for a vote on strike action and action short of a strike. There was a clear majority in favour of both and it is important that the Aston branch accepts and supports the democratic outcome. 

UCU special meeting on Monday, 23 September, 1.00 in MB204

It is more important than ever to show a strong and united UCU face to our employers when our pay and working conditions are being steadily eroded. The meeting today will keep you up to date and help us work together to protect our jobs.  For more information on the national pay claim, see the UCU main website leaflets and documents.