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Job losses in Audiology

UCU has been attempting to negotiate with the University to avoid compulsory redundancies amongst the teaching staff in Audiology. They are proposing to cut jobs now, despite the fact that there is no change to the student numbers in the coming academic year. We are still waiting for the University to provide evidence for the business case to support this move. Despite this, the University is pressing ahead with the process.

More redundancies – Student Services

The University has just announced a proposal to restructure Students Services which will involve the merger of Student Support and the Advice and Representation Centre in the Guild into a single University Service.  This will result in a reduction of posts and UCU believes a reduced service to students. UCU believes that the services

Message from Sally Hunt about the coming election

Dear colleague,

As you may have noticed, the general election is now in full swing.  UCU is not affiliated to any political party, but there is little point in pretending that the result of this election will not have a profound impact on education across the UK, including the devolved nations. 

Financial constraints and Aston University

You will all be well aware of the tightening financial circumstances in higher education and there will inevitably be implications for Aston University. This means we should keep a close eye on what is happening and, in particular, ensure there is union involvement in any negotiations over staff reorganisations. We will be using this local website to stay in contact with you and will be hoping you also let us know what is happening in your area. The key contacts list gives the committee positions and emails and the committee will regularly update the website.

Doncaster College halts plans for mass job cull

UCU today welcomed the decision by Doncaster College, to abandon plans for mass redundancies. Over a 150 jobs look to have been saved, just days after the principal, Rowland Foote, was suspended and in the same week that UCU called for an investigation in to the college's finances.