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October Regional Newsletter

The headlines are that our compaign for union recognition in a subsidiary company of Coventry University has won. This is significant because the university used the company to change the conditions of the workers and remove union recognition. With services often being contracted out in the education sector, it is crucial that we do not allow these practices to succeed.

Read about this and other regional activities of the UCU in the attached newsletter.

Comments on the Stern review of the REF

We would like you to provide feedback to the UCU on the recent Stern review of the REF. A UCU document links to the report and other relevant information and summarises the main recommendations. We have attached the document to this news article. There are three main recommendations that the UCU would particularly like your thoughts on so please access the document here and then send your comments to Rob Copeland ( by no later than 30 September.

New subscription rates for UCU members

The attached file gives a table of the new national subscription rates.
Please check and, if necessary, update your subscription level by using the UCU Member eServices facility at

Aston University UCU Strike Day: July 5th

As part of the ongoing industrial action, each branch is arranging a local strike date. The date for Aston will be 5th July, which we will confirm as soon as the required legal notice has been sent to Aston.

We also want to remind members that we are still in a period of working to contract. This means that you should not be:

* Working more than your contractual hours (if you don’t have hours in your contract, the standard working week at Aston is 36.5 hours)

* Undertake no additional duties (eg covering for colleagues) unless this in your contract

Strike: Aston arrangements for Wednesday and Thursday

Tomorrow and Thursday, you will be joining UCU members across the nation and going on strike.

At Aston, we will be demonstrating outside the Main Building entrance from 8am until 12am tomorrow and 8am until 11am on Thursday. Although people on strike are not allowed to enter the university premises, the Students Union has very generously allowed us to use their facilities for refreshments and access to toilets.

On Thursday, there is a strike rally as follows:

(the Centre is open for arrival from 11.30 onwards)