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UCU ballot result for action against the USS pension changes

The ballot concerned the trade dispute between UCU and your employer concerning proposed detrimental changes to the University Superannuation Scheme (USS) and your employer’s failure to agree a collective ag

UCU presentation on pensions

For those of you who missed the UCU pensions presentation on Wednesday, a powerpoint document is attached to this news item. Please read it carefully and make sure that you use your vote in the ongoing ballot. Our advice is to vote yes for both forms of industrial action because the proposed changes are devastating for some people and bad for everyone. There are alternatives and the employers could choose to pay a higher contribution as well.

The USS pension scheme changes

Chris Mason is the Pension Support Official at the National UCU Office and will be speaking at Aston to UCU members on

Wednesday 15th October at 1-2, MB518

Potential changes to the USS pension scheme and what we can do about them

The Aston UCU branch, along with other branches across the university sector, is being asked to vote on whether or not to take action in defence of our pensions. We have suffered a reduction in the real value of our salaries over the last few years and now we are being threatened with a reduction in our standard of living after we have retired.

Pension and Environment Representative


Thank you for your comments on the proposed USS pension changes. You will have seen how important and potentially controversial they are and it is vital we take an active role in shaping the eventual solution. An interesting and informative article in the Times Higher can be read here: