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The University and College Union campaigns for the improvement of the pay and conditions of further and higher education staff through the UK, and for the provision of high quality education opportunities.

Fair pay for Northern Ireland college staff

Further education lecturers in Northern Ireland have been fighting for a fair deal since 2001, when the employers made a commitment to eradicate the pay gap between lecturers and schoolteachers.

Student qualification funding cuts - the issue

In September 2007 the government announced that, from 2008, it proposes to withdraw £100m of funding for students studying for a higher education qualification equivalent to, or lower than, a qualification (ELQ) that they have already been awarded

These plans for students contradict the government's own lifelong learning agenda and will hit universities offering courses to adults and part-time students the hardest.

Fighting privatisation in tertiary education

We have one of the fastest growing private sectors in Europe and the level of private investment in tertiary education in the UK is already far above the EU and OECD averages.

UCU is opposed to the privatisation of tertiary education. We think that the interests of our members, of the students and parents who are at the heart of education and of the wider society we serve, are best served by an education system that is funded and controlled by the public and that is democratically accountable to the citizens of the UK.

Stamp Out Casual Contracts

Spamp Out LogoUCU has a long history of fighting casualisation and demanding fair treatment for all our members and we know that campaigns against casualisation are supported by all our members - not just those who are directly affected.

Casualisation in all its forms is a blight to further and higher education bringing with it inefficiency, inequality and personal stress.